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Our shared organisational vision which underpins all that we do is:

Social justice and race equality in a society proud of its diversity.


SCOREscotland’s mission and purpose for existence is to:

Work in partnership with others to address the causes and effects of racism and to promote race equality. We will break down barriers to the full participation of minority ethnic communities in all aspects of civic life.

By participation in Civic Life we mean:

  • Equality of access to public services and information
  • Ability to contribute to and influence policy development and service delivery
  • Freely participating in social, political, cultural, and economic life
  • Feeling valued and integrated as part of society.

Value Statement

SCOREscotland is committed to social justice and equal opportunities for all by providing a service that is accessible and inclusive. Taking a partnership approach, we support and empower those who are disadvantaged and discriminated against. We recognise that a united community is the backbone of a cohesive and harmonious society and thus we strive to “put the unity back into community”.


Casework at SCOREscotland responds to and assists families with issues and complaints ranging from racism, race hate crime, benefit matters and homelessness.


WEGARAH work, challenge and support the local community organisations to tackle and address hate crimes with a particular influence on race hate crimes.

CommUNITY Voices

Works with Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities, partners and service providers to empower BME communities to get involved in local decision making and community planning; as well as increasing awareness and knowledge of services and provisions in your neighbourhood.  

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Youth Work

A fun, friendly youth club for young people aged between 8 and 18 years, particularly those from Black and Ethnic Minority communities.

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Green Futures

Our latest, exciting project is The SCOREscotland Green Futures project. A consultation with members established a healthy level of interest in climate change issues and a need for support and awareness raising work.

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Women's Group

We continue to offer women and girls from black and minority ethnic communities living in the West of Edinburgh, a space to participate in regular activities. Activities have included aerobics, swimming and guided walks.

Infant and Maternity

We brought pregnant women and mothers of very young children together with the short-term NHS and CFHS funded Maternal and Infant Nutrition and Well-bring project. Our aim was to find out barriers to good nutritional health and promote nutrition and healthy eating.


We have a robust volunteering system in place which benefits both the volunteers in terms of learning skills and experience, but also the organisation in terms of the support and knowledge we gain from the volunteers.

Our key funders:

  • City of Edinburgh Council
  • Supported by BBC Children in Need
  • Climate Challenge Fund
  • Scottish Government
  • Natural Scotland
  • Youngstart – Big Fund